High Density Liners

Applications & Industries: Offices and Bathrooms
Great for paper and lightweight trash. Superior vapor and moisture protection.

Item CodeDescription
CSR303716N30×37, 13mic, clear can liner
CSR404816N40×48, 16mic, clear can liner
CSR243308N24×33, 8mic, clear can liner
CSR386022N38×60, 22mic, clear can liner
CSR334013N33×40, 13mic, clear can liner

Linear Low Density Liners

Applications & Industries: Kitchens and Yard Waste

Superior stretch properties make a great multi-purpose liner for heavy, wet trash.

Item CodeDescription
PGB-617138×58, 1.5mil, 55 gal black can liner
PGB-467140×46, 1.5mil, 45 gal black can liner
PGB-468140×46, 2.0mil, 45 gal black can liner
PGB-404133×39, 1.0mil, 33 gal black can liner
PGB-477143×47, 1.25mil, 56 gal black can liner

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