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Partnering with Winona Services is the first step in realizing more revenue per route. Our proven, revenue-boosting approach is the perfect towel and tissue solution for independent launderers. Complete the form below to start boosting your routes!

A proven route-growing program

We start by reviewing your current paper and liner program so we can specifically identify how to best help you grow your route sales. Additionally, we’ll calculate your potential paper sales per route!

Based on your assessment results and our decades of independent textile rental industry experience, we’ll make executable recommendations that align with our turnkey growth programs and product offerings, ensuring significant paper sales increases for you.

With no contracts or lengthy paperwork to complete, this can be as simple as placing your next paper and liner order with us. We help convert your customers to our dispensers, and we provide easy to use marketing materials to educate your customers about the change.

Once your paper and liners are converted to Winona Services products, we’ll work with you to plan and execute our proven promotion strategy to get your sales and service teams and customers excited about the new program.

Our team will design a custom brochure that your team will be able to use to help sell paper and liner products. This piece will be utilized in training or by your team for the duration of the promotion.

You are also welcome to use any of our pre-made templates at any time.

Two weeks prior to the promotion start, we’ll facilitate a virtual workshop with all route drivers. This 30-minute training will include a product review and sales techniques for the promotion. We’ll review the custom brochure so the team can become familiar with and prepared for the promotion.

At the start of your promotion, we’ll be with you every step to ensure your success. With your direction, we’ll designate and train a Paper Champion from your team and help you develop a strategy to prioritize your accounts to effectively increase direct sale janitorial products revenue.

We continue to support your team for the duration of the promotion through regular check-in calls with the Paper Champion.

After the success of your first paper promotion, don’t worry – we won’t just leave you. Together, we’ll start working on your next promotion. We’ll also continue to support your marketing efforts as needs arise.

See how much more your routes could be worth

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“Winona Services offers competitive pricing, a strong marketing support system, and are quick to get back with us on any questions.”

– Luke, P
Vice President