Can Liner Calculator

The Can Liner Calculator

Our can liner calculator will help you find the best liner for your needs.

Trash can liners come in an overwhelmingly large variety of options: length, width, capacity, density, etc. This calculator will guide you to the best decision for your trash cans.

Understanding Density

Low density liners are best for kitchens and yard waste,
when trash will be heavy, wet, and/or sharp.

High density liners are thinner and more prone to tearing than low density liners, so they are best for offices and bathrooms, where trash is light and soft.

How liners are measured:

Can liners are measured by their length and width when laid flat. To determine what size liner is needed for your particular trash receptacle:

BAG LENGTH = Height of your can plus 3” overhang
BAG WIDTH = Circumference of your can divided by 2

Square Can Circumference = Sum of all four sides
Round Can Circumference = Diameter multiplied by 3.14

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