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Determining the right can liner?

  • Will sharp objects or heavy, wet trash be disposed of in these liners?
  • What size liner do you need?
  • How much weight will these liners need to hold?

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Applications & Industries: Kitchens and Yard Waste

Item Code Description
PGB-6171 38×58, 1.5mil, 55 gal black can liner
PGB-4671 40×46, 1.5mil, 45 gal black can liner
PGB-4681 40×46, 2.0mil, 45 gal black can liner
PGB-4041 33×39, 1.0mil, 33 gal black can liner
PGB-4771 43×47, 1.25mil, 56 gal black can liner

Applications & Industries: Offices and Bathrooms

Item Code Description
CSR303716N 30×37, 13mic, clear can liner
CSR404816N 40×48, 16mic, clear can liner
CSR243308N 24×33, 8mic, clear can liner
CSR386022N 38×60, 22mic, clear can liner
CSR334013N 33×40, 13mic, clear can liner

Low Density Liners VS High Density Liners

Low Density

The heaviest low density, true gauge recycled can liners available. These liners contain a blend of environmentally friendly recycled resin. 

Available in black with a star sealed bottom. All liners are individually folded and packaged in rugged, white corrugated cartons. Also available in rolls. These liners offer great stretch and tear resistance and are measured in millimeters. Recommended for sharp or rough objects, such as:

  • Yard Waste
  • Glass
  • Industrial Waste
  • Restaurant Trash

High Density

High density liners contain 100% virgin high molecular weight, high density polyethylene resin. Superior vapor and moisture protection. Available in clear or black with star sealed bottom on coreless mini rolls. Packaged in rugged, white corrugated cartons.

These liners offer significant material and cost savings, but tear easily when punctured. High density liners are measured in microns. Recommended for lighter, non-sharp trash, such as:

  • Paper
  • Bathroom Waste
  • Office Waste

Types of Can Liner Seals

Star Seal

Sealing – Manufactured by folding the bottom of the liner several times then sealing.

Leakage – Low probability of leaking.

Shape – Refuse is distributed evenly and conforms to the shape of most trash cans.

Gusset Seal

Sealing – Sides of bottom edges folded then tucked in to form gussets. The middle of the liner is then sealed with two layers.

Leakage – Gusset sealed liners tend to leak with wet trash.

Shape – Refuse is distributed evenly and conforms to the shape of most trash cans.

Flat Seal

Sealing – Manufactured by simply sealing the bottom edge.

Leakage – Low probability of leaking.

Shape – Flat Sealed Liners don’t conform well to the shape of most trash cans. May be difficult to handle.


Private labeling, up to 4 colors, available on all orders.

All liners are manufactured in the USA and are EPA certified.

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