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Make An Epik First Impression

For image-focused customers like hospitality and F&B, appearance and first impressions are vital. And we know that their guests notice the smallest details. So they shouldn’t have to settle for the standard dispensers that lack any kind of “wow” factor.

Enter Epik dispensers.

Our line of modern, colored dispensers are changing the game in facility image management. From paper towel and bathroom tissue to soap, sanitizer, and odor control, Epik has it all covered.

Your customers can choose from 5 color options to fit their brand or to just flat out make a statement. And it doesn’t hurt that adding this premium dispenser option can increase your route revenue as much as 20% annually.

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epik paper towel dispenser

Hands-Free Dispenser

    Available Colors

Product Details
  • Automatic, touch-free dispensing prevents cross-contamination for a more hygienic washroom.
  • Controlled, one-at-a-time dispensing minimizes waste and reduces paper costs.
  • Adjustable settings for sheet length and dispensing time control usage.
  • 8” roll diameter capacity; 2.5” proprietary core diameter.
  • Cost-effective, high capacity, absorbent hardwound roll towels.
  • Less expensive than national-brand automated dispensers.
  • Available with hot-stamped logo
epik paper towel dispenser

Pull-and-Cut Dispenser

    Available Colors

Product Details
  • Touchless, hands-free operation
  • Quick, smooth and easy pull
  • Safe and reliable delivery on an 11” sheet
  • Easy to use and instal
  • Emergency paper feed to help advance roll, if needed
  • Next sheet is automatically ready for the next user
  • No batteries are necessary for operation
epik soap and sanitizer dispenser

Manual Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser

    Available Colors

Product Details
  • ADA Compliant
  • Compact Foot Print
  • Easy Bottle Loading
epik paper towel dispenser

Touch-Free Dispenser

    Available Colors

Product Details
  • ADA Compliant
  • Compact Footprint
  • Easy Bottle Loading
  • Low Energy
epik toilet paper dispenser

Twin Jumbo TP Dispenser

    Available Colors

Product Details
  • High capacity dispenser holds two rolls 9” in diameter (equivalent of 11.5 standard rolls) for continuous service
  • Sliding door reduces stub waste by restricting access to second roll before main roll is used up, reducing costs
  • Locked design protects against pilferage, reducing costs
  • Durable, plastic dispenser encloses tissue to limit exposure to bowl splash, improving hygiene
epik odor control dispenser

Odor Control Dispenser

    Available Colors

Product Details
  • Offers 60 days of odor control
  • No batteries or power needed
  • Top-hinged door and metal closure for long life
  • Casing and optional lock discourages vandalism
  • Sleek and discreet design that fits any decor
  • New base tray allows refill to rest securely
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